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Leslie Daren Browder, Certified Professional Life Coach


Leslie Daren Browder,

Founder of

LDB Coaching

























Leslie Daren Browder, Ph.D., CLC, CPC

Certified Transitional Life Coach 

Leslie D. Browder is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Professional Coach. As the President of LDB Coaching, he offers a wide range of experience, skills and expertise in the area of developing individual potential. Leslie is especially gifted in addressing the issues and concerns relevant to motivating people to transcend mediocrity and aspire to greatness. Leslie has an established reputation as a humanitarian whose life purpose is to help individuals identify the blockages that impede upon the progress of successful living and then help create the best approach to achieving their goals. Friends, colleagues and clients universally refer to him as insightful, powerful and compassionate. It is these sets of personal characteristics combined with his educational background and training that make him a “natural” as a personal life coach and professional coach. Leslie holds a Doctorate degree in Psychology with an emphasis on human development.  He is also the creator of The Seven Thoughts: A Guide to Self Empowerment and the Process of Being Happy© 

Transitional Life Coaching  

Transitional Coaching is for the Certified Coach that posses the expertise with helping individual progress from on one phase of their lives to another.

A Transitional Coach addresses the issues and concerns relevant to motivating people to transcend mediocrity and aspire to greatness. A transitional coach is not just a motivator, but also someone that can understand their client. Transitional coaches employ techniques that will help their clients to gradually embrace their next venture. Transitional Coaches empower their clients to develop a higher level of self-worth, self-esteem and value in their lives. Transitional Coaching is an excellent opportunity for those who possess strong organizational, people and interpersonal skills with a passion for helping others find their niche in life.

The Need for Transitional Life Coaching  

Due to the overwhelming changes taking place in today’s society, many people are facing challenges like never before. From foreclosure to job lay-offs, we are all affected directly or indirectly. Being able to Grow with the Flow* is extremely necessary in order to maintain some form of stability. By having a Transitional Coach on your side, you will be able to move through life’s challenges with a clearer vision and a more determined sense of purpose.  



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